Katsugen - The Gentle Art of Well-Being - Natural Movement Therapy

      Katsugen exercises the autonomic nervous system's involuntary movements to establish better health, balance the body's energies and relieve stress and toxins. It is a dynamic exercise and philosophy that frees you from the layers of societal conditioning and increases your innate ability to be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy, happy and well.


   There are many benefits of Katsugen, and they are not all physical.  Because the body, mind and spirit are interlinked and cannot really be separated, what interacts with one influences the other. And so it is with Katsugen. Katsugen is not limited to being only a physical movement but is a philosophy of living that encompasses the totality of body, mind and soul.  Therefore, the benefits will correspondingly be to the sum of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the human entity.

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