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The Gentle Art of Well-Being


I've found that many people say they have problems, whether it's physical, emotional or spiritual, but when given a solution, they refuse to try it out. I see this all the time. What it tells me is that their problems are not such a big deal. If the issue was truly serious, either life threatening or extremely painful, they would do anything to alleviate the problem. Refusing to even try is a sign that they are actually the cause of their problem. Subconsciously, they may even have caused the problem intentionally, and so they don't want to fix it. People often use illnesses as a crutch and an excuse. So that is the first thing you must determine, through inner work such as meditation or simple reflection, if you, yourself, are the cause of your problem.

The universe is friendly to the spiritual seeker. Information to better our health is available everywhere. We only need to abandon fear and give it a try. While there are quacks and charlatans everywhere, the spirit of discovery and the willingness to play and experiment is necessary for creative and healthy living. Compare the cost of a new method to the promised results. If the cost is too exorbitant, hold off. Otherwise, give it a shot. It is only your fear that is keeping you from achieving optimum health. What is a few dollars compared to a healthy life?