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Testimonial:  Nora Seymour - Austin, TX

I learned about katsugen from an osteopath/psychiatrist named Alan Colby. For 20 years or so, I had suffered repeated bouts of abdominal pain and underwent approximately a dozen surgeries -- some quite serious and involved -- to try to isolate and "cure" the problem. My internal organs were melded together with scar tissue, and I had severe endometriosis which proved resistant to surgery. Each time the offending tissues were removed, they would grow back within a few months. I also suffered debilitating migraine headaches. As you can imagine, all of this, plus a long-time dependency on myriad prescription medications and a dramatic weight gain (not to mention a general withdrawal and inward-turning of festering negative emotions) led me to seek psychiatric help. I was truly blessed to be led Dr. Colby, the only physician I've encountered (and I've known my fair share of them) who is in tune with the mind/body relationship and to view the patient holistically. He incorporates osteopathic techniques and traditional psychiatry and psychopharmacology with katsugen and other Eastern practices. He has told me that katsugen has changed his life.

Early on, he intuited that I reached the ultra-receptive posture which I think is the key that opens the door to katsugen and he began teaching me some of the fundamentals. I have a copy of a lecture given by Haruchika Noguchi in 1961 which explains not only the katsugen induction and practices themselves, but the holistic underpinnings of the practice. It has been very helpful, if at times difficult to read (the problems, I suspect, lie more in the translation rather than the lecture itself.)

Though I have a long way to go before my body is as supple as Gumby and my mind as clear as a mill-pond, I have already noticed great changes in my mental and physical health -- dramatic and seemingly effortless weight loss, equally dramatic rise in stamina and energy, and more glimpses of inner peace, calm, and light than I have had in years. After each induction, I feel refreshed, and my eyes see so clearly I feel like I've had a cornea transplant. Accessing the autonomic or involuntary nervous system is a powerful experience. The idea of taking control of one's self by letting it move involuntarily is a powerful and profound paradox.


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