Origin of Katsugen

   Called "katsugen oondoh" in Japan where it originated, it has a meaning close to "genesis exercise". I have incorporated many years of experience practicing this movement and have adapted it into a philosophy of life which encompasses the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of living.
   In writing about the origin of katsugen I must say that I have no documentation for some of the following; it is basically hearsay, although from a good source.
   Katsugen oondo was created by a healer in Japan (now deceased) named Haruchika Noguchi as a way of augmenting his healing practice. He realized his healing talents during World War II as the dead  and wounded people lay around him after an air raid.  He discovered that he had an instinctive talent for healing the wounds and ailments of the afflicted. After the war, he continued with his practice by receiving proper training in the art of healing.
   Noguchi-san's healing practice was always well attended.  Because he did not have time to efficiently minister to everyone who came to him for help, he created katsugen oondoh, a method of self healing which could be practiced by all. 

   I was taught the basics of katsugen when I was a child in Japan suffering from the effects of a brain tumor which was surgically removed.  The tumor and the surgery took a toll on my health which were both physical and emotional.   Fortunately, immediately after I recovered from the operation, my mother took me to Haruchika Noguchi-san's healing center  to be treated.
   During the treatments there, I was taught katsugen oondo.  I did not understand at the time its purpose, I was just told to do it for my health.   I must admit I was not diligent nor regular in its practice, but I did experiment with it occassionally.
   It was in my  twenties that I began to practice katsugen in earnest.  Because I had many left-over effects from my tumor and surgery and was struggling with life, I was physically weak, mentally lazy and spiritually indolent.  Then I realized that whenever I practiced katsugen regularly, I felt better, had more energy and was in better overall condition.
   With that realization,  I began to  practice katsugen more diligently and also began to study other  methods of self betterment.  Subsequently,  I have delved into Transcendental Meditation,  Nichiren Buddhism,  Feldenkrais,  creative visualization, Science of Mind, Christianity, Taoism, Feng Shui, the Urantia Book and more. Physically, my katsugen practice has changed the weak, uncoordinated lad which I once was into a healthy and athletic individual who still engages in a number of challenging physical activities at the age of 60.  My mind is active also in that I write screenplays, novels, songs and poetry.  Spiritually, I contact the divinity within by meditating regularly and engage in service projects for the betterment of the world.
  All in all,  katsugen has been a vital catalyst for coordinating the diverse aspects of my unique life.


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